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We are a rural coliving village based in Meaus, between northern Spain and Portugal.

A relaxed environment, co-working spaces spread around the village, rivers, hotsprings, goats, sheeps, dogs, cats, chickens and a donkey called Barbas. Oh, we have wi-fi too. 


Os Mixtos village is one of the farest farest away land you may find. 

It stands at 1000 meters above sea level in the beautiful Galician mountains. This land was once upon a time called Couto Mixto, and its inhabitants Os Mixtos, a mix between Spanish and Portuguese. We believe in hybrids and want this place to keep on living, with people coming from all around the world. 

In Meaus, we don’t keep track of time. 

What's new in Os Mixtos

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Weekly events to get to know each other and make your talents shine. If you always wondered if you are any good with the guitar, it’s the moment. Expect costume parties anytime. 


Discover Galicia with us! Hotsprings, rivers, trekkings, castles, kayaks, mountain bike rides. Whatever mountain activity you like, you will find it in the surroundings. Or let us bring you in the best spots! 


Every Mixto has the possibility to plant in the shared vegetable garden of Meaus. Learn the tricks of the trade from the villagers and exchange your products. 1 pumpkin is worth 5 tomatoes 




the “ad honorem” mayor of Meaus. He is the first who will welcome you in Meaus. Mixto gallego/catalan, of course.



the other side of Javi, she will help with every logistics issue. If you are looking for a needle in the haysack, ask her.



the guy going around with a camera or flying a drone. Doing visual (probably weird) stuff or offering you coffee when you most need it. 



Os mixtos was her idea and she came all the way from Italy to do  it. You might find her working with her laptop in a field surrounded by flowers.



They live down the street, in the house with all the seashells. The door to their house is always opened, mainly because it doesn’t lock. 



Javi’s and Carol’s daughter. Will ignore you at first, won’t leave you alone after. Has a sister, Iria.



More shy than her younger sister, looks exactly like Carol



Adela, Teresa, Maria: las vecinas. Patroling the village, will stop you to know who you are but eventually will give you seeds to plant for free, so have a chat with them.



Barbas the donkey, Stefania, Martino and Paolo the goats, the rabbits and dogs and sheeps.

They just say one thing, but understand way too much. Be careful, they are everywhere and will get organized if you don’t behave.




Co-work and co-live in a newly renovated Galician house.



Discover the outdoors to get your work done in natural workstations.



Have a look in our experiences, you can find rural workations, remote experiences, interenational trainings, digital detox retreats, creative residencies and much much more.

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Meaus, Spain

April 30 - May 14 2024· 14 nights

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Mountain houses and gardens where to live and work. Join the company of curious people and supportive ambiance in a 25 inhabitants village.

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Meaus, Spain

April 15 - 29 2024· 14 nights

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Mountain houses and gardens where to live and work. Join the company of curious people and supportive ambiance in a 25 inhabitants village.

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Meaus, Spain

September 4 - 18 2024· 14 nights

Rural Coliving Village - Os Mixtos

Mountain houses and gardens where to live and work. Join the company of curious people and supportive ambiance in a 25 inhabitants village.



In our spaces, everyone helps to cook dinners and we turn. You cook one day with another person, then someone else cooks dinners for you during the whole week. Our team can help and facilitate communication and the organization but you’ll learn to self-manage and share community duty, everything is optional and of course, you can cook for yourself but we’ll encourage everyone to step into a family and community style. If you really don’t like to cook you can always set the table or help with the dishes at the end.

There are common kitchens and indoor and outdoor dining spaces.

There is also a bar and a restaurant in the village with special discounts for you guys.

We organize groceries shopping every week and then we split food costs at the end of your stay.The cost depend on your personal diet and you can always add to the list your personal preferences.

You will spend less money on the food than in any European city as you only pay for your part of the ingredients, beside a common basic package.

There are always vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters in the group, so don't worry about the variety of the meals. Everyone enjoys their diet.

One time per week we will gather all together with the participants, the local community, and the village to host a meal. We’ll cook and share recipes, you can finally bring your grandmother's secret one and cook it with one of our grandmas. Trust us, it is not complicated, everyone can bring something and we’ll eat and play music and have fun.

We are settled in a remote Galician village, our homes are made of stone and big spaces indoors are not common. However, in spring 2023 we are opening our first coworking space. Or you can work outdoors and in small locations settled here and there so you can be more focused on your work.

Yes!!! Indeed our locations are perfetct for your team! 

Work retreats focus on achieving a business result. While many team retreats are meant to boost morale and for team-building, work retreats are more strategic. The goal of a work retreat is to spend time brainstorming, working on a project, or coming up with a company roadmap.

The design of your work retreat depends on the type of business you have and your goals:

  • Start-up companies often organize hackathons.
  • Virtual teams and remote companies work on projects for which they need to be in the same room.
  • Established, traditional companies present the year’s results, vision, strategy, or work to improve the company culture.

Every participant will be required around 5 hours per week of exchange of skills and competencies, with this time we’ll organize workshops for the community ( both local and us) or help the locals in improving their life and business. Can be literally anything, you can bring your SMM skills and set up a campaign for the local restaurant, build an Instagram page, or help with countability. But you can also help around the garden, give food to the animals or teach your languages to the kids or give finally the woodwork lesson!

We’ll map the needs and desires of the village and your skills and inclinations, so you’ll be part of the co-creation of this experience.

If you are too busy with your work you can always choose between our options during the booking.

With the membership you’ll have access to discounts of our experiences, international opportunities and to support the Creative Residency program and our work in social innovation. It’s an annual card to have 100% access to our community!

The entire cost of an Inesto experience is broken up into a deposit payment. Inesto’s fee and program fee. Your deposit payment is due before the start of your program, and your program fee is due before your program for Retreats and  Remote Experiences.

Deposit Payment

Depending on your program, your down payment is broken up into 1-3 installments. Your initial down payment is made to officially reserve your spot on our programs. The deposit payment affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf. The full down payment is made at the initial booking for Retreats and Experiences. The deposit and the Inesto fees are not refundable but in case you’ll not able to join us on the date you'll plan we’ll convert all the deposits into credit for another of our solutions.

Creating, building and running Os Mixtos is expensive, we are a social project and we are working in a sustainable and ethical way for repopulating rural areas and creating events and opportunities around here. Be aware of that and participating actively in our life is a good start, also give to us the fuel to run cool experiences and the regeneration project.

Yeah! More Goats here and more green for you. Of course, you can stay longer following our calendar and having 100€ discount on all the other chapters.

 We organized the calendar into slots of two weeks for 2023 cause we are hosting Retreats, Erasmus plus, and some other events.

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