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Increase your revenue by diversifying your business channels & bringing the best quality clients.

Inesto is a creative company and a ngo  specialised in company events, long term group travel and art residencies. We provide  accommodation, workspace and retreat planning service for travelling business groups.

Our groups are usually between 8 and 30 people and stay between 3 and 30 nights to work on new ideas, organise workshops and explore the location.

More revenue

Groups bookings will generate more revenue for your property and provide a constant stream of bookings in mid/low season.

Diversify your booking channels

We will help you break free of dependency on agencies and bookings website that doesn’t care about your business, only their commissions.

Long-term relationship

We value quality over quantity and strive to build long-term relationships with the best partners to help them optimize the operation of their properties.

Good quality clients

We take care of event planning and make sure that check-in, check-out and whole stay are as smooth as possible.

Long stay

We create retreats and long stay experiences, this is mean a secure and stable income, even in low season.

Create together a strong brand

We do things differently, we are a creative company and we solve problems in a creative way, be a part of this new way of living.

What type of properties are we looking for?

Hotel or Aparthotel 

Retreat centre or Eco resort 


Large villas


community projects

Basic criteria for coliving

Minimum 6 bedrooms 

Easy access to an airport 

Fast, reliable and secure WiFi

Onsite workspace or event space area 

Onsite kitchen if the location is remote 

Basic criteria for retreats

Minimum 8 bedrooms 

Max 1 hours from  an airport 

Onsite workspace or event space area 

Onsite kitchen 

When we onboard a new partner, we always try to ask ourselves: Does this partner have the potential to receive at least 2-3 Inesto groups per year?

Our goal is to be a strong booking channel that you can count on for groups.

We need to know your annual prices at the beginning of our partnership.

If you use dynamic pricing or you give prices to partners upon request, we understand that. However, we need at least average prices per season. This way we greatly reduce the friction in the sales process and bring you more groups.



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