who are on a quest to MAKE A REAL IMPACT with our lives and actions. We love being independent and lifting up others for growth together.

After many years of exploring the world, now is the time to GIVE BACK and CREATE PATHWAYS for those who believe in another way to live, work and create.

Inesto is

a cultural and creative industry hosting professionals changemakers designing creative experiences in rural areas to generate positive and balanced impacts on people, territories, and society 


How we live

We co-create unique experiences for independent professionals

who wonder about other perspectives,  and with them, pursue together empowerment, meaning, and improvement of a lifestyle.

Inesto’s experiences are designed for those who wonder about independence, meaningful relationships, growth and life work balance.

Each retreat is a discovery about a new perspective and a getaway to beautiful and inspiring destinations where you can focus on recharging, renewing, and reconnecting with yourself and a like-minded community.

In each destination, we provide the essentials you need to feel comfortable, collaborative, and connected: accommodations, workspace, local experts, crafted local experiences, workshops, and a surprising community with who turn your action to create a real impact in the world.


Remote places

Let’s be honest, all you need is

A stunning view when you wake up in the morning, a slow walk in a tiny alley, a break in the little bar where everyone read the newspaper and play to Ramino, a lunch break laid down in the grass, a good aperitivo in the main square and, most of all, good company. 

We are focused on marginal and secondary areas where all our actions create a real impact in the communities and on the territories.



Add a short bio of the attending guest artist or speaker to create familiarity with attendees.




We are a collective of people who are designing new pathways and creating possibilities. 


Paola Balduzzi

She is a cultural designer who works in the urban regeneration field and social innovation. She imagine new participatory scenarios and facilitate the co-designing of projects by involving the communities.

She founded Inesto to restore energies in rural areas and to find a work-life balance. Transversal thinking allows her to see new scenarios that she  design with creativity, ethics and sustainability.

She facilitate generating a positive impact by creating beauty and working with kindness. 

She has been traveling following location independent lifestyle and  digital nomadism since 2016,mostly living in rural areas and getting involved into community projects.

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Stefano Laddomada

Graduated in Media Spaces at the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin, my background is in Photography and New Media. 

I expand my visual research every single day while I try to have a better understanding of the digital world.

Social media and clothes enthusiast.

I'm managing projects development in Sardegna, Sicilia and Galizia

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Community Development Coordinator & Rural Regeneration

Ivan Ballesteros

With over 15 years of experience in European grant writing and project management, Ivan is a key member of the Inesto team. He has a proven track record of successfully securing funding from prestigious EU programs such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, and LIFE.

Ivan's in-depth knowledge of the various EU funding streams, from conceptualization to reporting, allows Inesto to pursue the most competitive opportunities. He has worked across sectors including sustainability, education, and rural development. His strong command of English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese further expands Inesto's reach into new markets and partnerships.

As Proposal Development Manager, Ivan works closely with Inesto's leadership to identify strategic funding alignments. He then guides project teams through the application process, ensuring proposals are finely tuned to meet each program's evaluation criteria. Having led numerous funded initiatives himself, Ivan brings invaluable expertise in transforming ideas into well-structured, impactful proposals that catch the attention of reviewers.

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Matteo Bolle

I’m a project writer, coordinator and non-formal facilitator, specialized in experiential learning methods for international groups, mainly about the personal growth and empowerment of young people. I took part in many mobilities projects including a 4 months Leonardo project in Ireland and more than 15 Erasmus + training courses focused on the topic of personal development, coaching methods and facilitation tools for youth workers.

I’m a musician, certified Spotify artist; through my project ‘A West Wind‘ I periodically produce original music.

My passion for music and sounds makes me experiment non formal activities -that I implement in international projects- about personal and interpersonal expression through art and movement as a way of self-develop. In these activities we dig deeper in sounds and our connection with them, the way they make us express freely and without conditionings.

You’ll find me either developing new projects or taking care of sending participants to new mobilities experiences abroad. When I’m not in the office, it means that I’m somewhere around coordinating/facilitating a new project!

My mission is to create life-long and authentic connections with a person and itself, with another human being, with the community, with nature and with the world.


Stefano Mangiarotti

Sales Manager with excellent technical skills and extensive experience in world markets. Strategist determined and creative thinker with focus on results. 

Dedication to customers and a habit of building long-term profitable relationships. Experience in managing diverse teams. Positive, optimistic, and always up for the next adventure.

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Elisa Maria Lori

Project manager and climber, she is always sunny and with a smile ready to manage excel sheets, a new village or the next experience.

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Gaia Camponi Benaglia

She is an Artist with a long experience in various pictorial techniques.

She designs and manages exhibition spaces for art exhibitions in the accurate, careful, and diligent execution of its tasks to obtain an extraordinary results without ever renouncing operational speed.

Her Careful dedication to the therapeutic approach of art as a means of meditative and harmonizing states for adults and children is at the heart of her work.

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Alessandra Spano

Professional Chef of international experience, Mindful Educator. In my profession, I pursue the objective of promoting social, mental and physical health through Mindfulness.

Over the years I have undertaken many challenges and pursued different avenues of employment. I am a university graduate of Engineering and Architecture, and I have life experiences -from traveling and working

in many different countries over the years. My main purpose in life is to achieve self-sufficiency, live in a community of people that share values, and have a lifestyle that follows the rhythm of nature.

This idea brought me to different places in the world and to go through different experiences that helped me develop an awareness of others and the environment.

For over 10 years I have been matching imaginative and healthy recipes with the promotion of a mindful way of eating. 

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Sara Gandini


Leonardo Sias


Giuseppe A D'Angelo


Meet all the people  and institutions who support us in building Inesto

Co-Director Creative Industries Lab POLIMI

Arianna Vignati

She’s been mentor for several start-up companies and she was also evaluator expert in the panel of InvestOrizon project (a project dedicated to the scouting of promises innovative start-up companies). She works with PoliHub, the Incubator of Politecnico di Milano and with business angels and investors for the scouting of innovative startups in the field of creative industries.

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Business development Polihub

Sergio Pirotta

Business development leader, Mentor and Advisor helping Companies and Startup to reach their goals at POLIHUB.

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Project Manager and Consultant Tallinn Business Incubators

Nele Plutus

Nele has done business development and sales work for several start-ups, she enjoys generating new ideas, solving marketing and sales challenges, and conducting research projects.

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Business designer and cultural destination designer

Valentina D'Agata

She is a  business designer with more than 35 years of experience in business organization and management and professional careers.

She supports companies in imagining and designing the structure behind their business and helps the people improve the models, she aims to achieve a sustainable personal ecology.

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If you’re as passionate about travel, impact, and sustainability as we are, join us!

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