who are on a quest to MAKE A REAL IMPACT with our lives and actions. We love being independent and lifting up others for growth together.

After many years of exploring the world, now is the time to GIVE BACK and CREATE PATHWAYS for those who believe in another way to live, work and create.

Inesto is

a cultural and creative industry hosting professionals changemakers designing creative expereinces in rural areas to generate positive and balanced impact on people, territories and society 


How we live

We co-create unique experiences for independent professionals

who wonder about other perspectives,  and with them, pursue together empowerment, meaning, and improvement of a lifestyle.

Inesto’s experiences are designed for those who wonder about independence, meaningful relationships, growth and life work balance.

Each retreat is a discovery about a new perspective and a getaway to beautiful and inspiring destinations where you can focus on recharging, renewing, and reconnecting with yourself and a like-minded community.

In each destination, we provide the essentials you need to feel comfortable, collaborative, and connected: accommodations, workspace, local experts, crafted local experiences, workshops, and a surprising community with who turn your action to create a real impact in the world.


Remote places

Let’s be honest, all you need is

A stunning view when you wake up in the morning, a slow walk in a tiny alley, a break in the little bar where everyone read the newspaper and play to Ramino, a lunch break laid down in the grass, a good aperitivo in the main square and, most of all, good company. 

We are focused on marginal and secondary areas where all our actions create a real impact in the communities and on the territories.



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We are a collective of people who are designing new pathways and creating possibilities.

Founder - CEO and association president

Paola Balduzzi

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association cofounder, MBA and vicepresident

Stefano Mangiarotti

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cofounder and association secretary

Elisa Maria Lori

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art project manager

Gaia Camponi Benaglia

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EU Funds & Projects Manager

Matteo Bolle

Cofounder association

Sara Gandini

Cofounder association and festival manager

Leonardo Sias

Cofounder association

Giuseppe A D'Angelo

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Live, work, and grow in the most inspiring locations on the planet, connecting communities with a purpose and creating a real impact. 

Join us for co-designing a new transformative pathway of experiences for people, companies, and rural areas.

We deeply believe that great companies are made by great people, are you ready to become part of our movem



Meet all the people  and institutions who support us in building Inesto

Co-Director Creative Industries Lab POLIMI

Arianna Vignati

She’s been mentor for several start-up companies and she was also evaluator expert in the panel of InvestOrizon project (a project dedicated to the scouting of promises innovative start-up companies). She works with PoliHub, the Incubator of Politecnico di Milano and with business angels and investors for the scouting of innovative startups in the field of creative industries.

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Business development Polihub

Sergio Pirotta

Business development leader, Mentor and Advisor helping Companies and Startup to reach their goals at POLIHUB.

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Project Manager and Consultant Tallinn Business Incubators

Nele Plutus

Nele has done business development and sales work for several start-ups, she enjoys generating new ideas, solving marketing and sales challenges, and conducting research projects.

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Business designer and cultural destination designer

Valentina D'Agata

She is a  business designer with more than 35 years of experience in business organization and management and professional careers.

She supports companies in imagining and designing the structure behind their business and helps the people improve the models, she aims to achieve a sustainable personal ecology.

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If you’re as passionate about travel, impact, and sustainability as we are, join us!

Send your CV to info@inesto.it