Call for Volunteers 2024 at Os Mixtos

Join our regenerative project in Rural Galicia - Volunteer at Os Mixtos Rural Coliving Village



We received an incredible number of applications  ( +1296 ) for this open call.

We continue our work in support Rural Areas and Projects to create sustainable communities.

Thank you from Inesto and Os Mixots

Tucked away in the lush green hills of Galicia, Spain lies the village of Meaus. Here at Os Mixtoswe're seeking three international volunteers to join our community-focused projects starting in March 2024.

A group of volunteers and refugees during a trekking around Meaus

Escape busy city life and immerse yourself in nature for nine months. Breathe in the fresh country air as you help care for goats, sheep, and donkeys in our organic coliving village. Learn permaculture techniques as you tend vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

Carola with baby sheepies

Get your hands dirty assisting with festivals, workshops, and activities that energize locals of all ages. Help plan EU exchange programs and cultural events. Improve your Spanish while experiencing the rich traditions of rural Galicia.

A festival with traditional Galician music and dance

In this varied role, no two days will be the same. One moment you could be harvesting vegetables or helping with Barbas, our donkey, and the next organizing a community party or working on a sustainable building project. 

It's a unique chance to contribute to rural regeneration directly.

An escape room activity organized in the village

Live simply in our comfortable shared accommodation, enjoying home-cooked meals together. Earn pocket money for your adventures exploring the surrounding areas and thermal baths on weekends. Make lifelong friendships with an international team of volunteers and help grow this unique regenerative project.

Community work in the vegetable garden

Basic Spanish is required. Free accommodation, meals, pocket money, and lifelong memories are provided under ESC projects.

The countries covered for this call are listed here

This nine-month adventure starting in March is not to be missed. Send your CV and motivation letter to the email below to apply.

note: valid applications are just the ones that follow the procedure.

 Spots are limited so don't delay!


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We hope this gives you a taste of the rewarding experience at Os Mixtos Rural Coliving Village. Now is the time to escape the ordinary - join our community in Galicia!

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