Culture Moves Europe: Stefano’s Creative Residency in Meaus, Spain

Unveiling Hidden Stories through Art Residency Programs


Meaus: A Unique Destination for Art Residency

Meaus, located at the border between southern Galicia and Portugal, was the chosen destination for Stefano Laddomada's art residency. The objective of his residency was to create a documentary about the Couto Mixto, a former micro-state with an intriguing history. Despite the lack of official documentation, ongoing studies and emerging information have shed light on the story of this enigmatic place.

Uncovering the Story of Couto Mixto

Stefano's documentary aimed to capture both the current life and historical background of Meaus. Through various interviews, he was able to gather valuable testimonies from the local community. One particularly fascinating aspect of the documentary was the inclusion of a Ukrainian refugee family's experiences during their six-month stay in the remote village. Their perspective added a unique dimension to the narrative, showcasing the diversity and intercultural exchange that can occur within an art residency program.

The Collaborative Effort of Art Residency Programs

Art residency programs like the one Stefano participated in foster collaboration and cooperation among artists, locals, and volunteers. In Os Mixtos, their project of repopulation held by Inesto and "Vecinos de Meaus", Stefano witnessed firsthand the efforts of Javier, his host, and other volunteers who were working towards a repopulation project. The documentary itself was a testament to the collective effort of the interviewed individuals, translators, and fellow artists who contributed to its creation.

Stan and Svetlana

Gaining a Sense of Place and European Values

Through his art residency, Stefano not only documented the history and contemporary life of Meaus but also gained a deeper understanding of European values and hospitality. The documentary showcased the experiences and anecdotes shared by Javier the coordinator of "Os Mixtos" repopulating project and Teresa, an inhabitant of Meuas. Their stories provided viewers with a sense of what life has been like in this unique and often overlooked place.


The Impact of Art Residency Programs

Art residency programs, such as the one Stefano participated in through the "Culture Moves Europe" initiative, have a significant impact on both artists and the communities they engage with. These programs serve as catalysts for cultural exchange, fostering creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. By providing artists with the opportunity to immerse themselves in new environments, art residency programs enable them to explore new perspectives, develop their craft, and create meaningful work.

Javi  - Vecinos de Meaus - Os Mixots coordinator

International Recognition and Exposure

Participating in an art residency program can also lead to international recognition and exposure for artists. Stefano's documentary, produced during his residency in Os Mixtos, is now being showcased at various international documentary festivals. This exposure not only highlights the talent and creativity of the artist but also sheds light on the unique stories and cultures represented in the documentary.

The documentary is now participating in international documentary festivals

Culture Moves Europe - Stefano's Prospective Journey

Art residency programs offer artists a priceless opportunity to explore new environments, collaborate with fellow creatives, and create meaningful work, showcasing the transformative power of such initiatives. Stefano Laddomada's experience in Os Mixtos during the "Culture Moves Europe" initiative managed by Goethe Institute exemplifies the positive impact of these programs. Through his documentary, he uncovered the intriguing history of Couto Mixto and Os Mixtos while capturing the essence of contemporary life in this remote village. This collaborative effort not only enriched cultural exchange but also contributed to the development of artistic endeavors worldwide, making art residency programs a vital catalyst for creative growth and community engagement.

This project became true thanks to the support of the European Union through Culture Moves Europe and Goethe Institute for Artists and Cultural Professional individual mobility.

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