Are you seeking a partner who can deliver a productive and engaging remote team experience to help your business succeed? Trust us to deliver a positive impact with our corporate retreats and off-sites.


Ready to break free from the daily grind and boost your team's morale? Inesto's off-site team building experience is the perfect solution. Our unique blend of work and play will bring your team closer together, foster collaboration and creativity, and give your employees the energy and motivation they need to succeed.


Save your team time

Don't let retreat planning derail your team's progress. Invest your resources and energy into managing your team effectively or producing quality code that drives business growth.


Our extensive network of reliable providers and expert planning skills ensure that your retreat is organized in the most cost-effective manner possible. This allows your employees to concentrate on the essential aspects of your business.

Local knowledge

With local experts and facilitators at each Inesto location, we provide unparalleled personalized experiences for your team. Their extensive knowledge of the area allows us to take on even the most challenging tasks, such as booking a restaurant for a group, with confidence.

Measure your impact

Achieving positive change is our priority. Our services include project implementation, measurement of impact, and annual report writing to showcase your commitment to social responsibility.

Who we are

Collaborate with us and apply your expertise to enjoy the full benefits of productive corporate retreats and off-sites

Picture a diverse community of creative entrepreneurs, startup founders, digital nomads, tech enthusiasts, and individuals who value location independence coming together on a journey of emotional intelligence and self-discovery. 

Inesto provides a unique and customizable coliving, coworking, and retreat experience that aims to redefine workations. With our team of relaxation experts, we cater to a variety of individual preferences and interests. 

Our services are particularly beneficial for startups, location-independent, and remote workers seeking an inspiring environment to generate new ideas and connect with a broader networking community. 

This is a Remote Experience.

Experience a restful and productive retreat with your small team, where you can finally tackle those important tasks that you've been putting off due to lack of time or energy. Escape the city and take a break to recharge your batteries, find inspiration, and make progress on that one project that always seems to get pushed aside for more urgent matters.

Whether it's working on new projects, developing prototypes of new products, or conducting customer research for new features, you already know which projects you've been procrastinating on for ages. But with our fast and stable internet, you can finally make progress on them without any distractions.

Do you need a tailor-made service for your team? See our custom experiences design service

It’s easy to communicate your commitment.

Our mission is to make ethical and social engagement simple and fun. Experience after experience we take care of the rural areas and development projects such as artistic residences, cultural exchanges, and regeneration.

We create value for you, for your company, and the territory.


Are you looking for the perfect gift or do you take care of corporate welfare?

With Inesto you can make gifts and provide meaningful time and generate impact, give experiences and take care of territories and people.

Are you looking for a way to involve your employees in the social and regenerative commitment of your company?

With Inesto each employee will be the protagonist and participant in a positive experience.


Do you want to actively involve your stakeholders and share your commitment with them?

Inesto can help you to communicate your sustainability and your impact by involving your stakeholders, with a new creative and positive story.

Marketing & Communication

Do you want to increase the reputation of your brand transparently and concretely?

Do you want to talk about your company, or your product, involving your audience effectively and telling a positive story?

By choosing Inesto you will be able to distinguish yourself in a real, transparent, and engaging way.


We love nature, small villages and remote places


We love to get in touch with the local community


We organize art events and residencies



No matter what you are building – carefully craft every moment of your story online. Brands built with love are the ones that stand out.

How is working

Grow your employees' happiness and your CSR reputation.

We sign an annual partnership agreement that provides all your employees/partners and or clients with a discount code to stay with us throughout the year. Depending on how many codes have been used at the end of the year, we'll offer several perks such as a free stay, a discount on a team retreat, extra gifts for the next bookings, or an even bigger discount code for the year to come.

It’s a virtuous circle with no financial commitment on your side: You give something to your team and the more they use it the more you can give back! 

Have a look in our Remote experiences and bring all your Tribe with us.

Need a team building experience, we are designing retreats with incredible people and in selected venues.

Do you fell more into be the sponsor for one of our event,  creative residencies or support one of the projects of social innovation and urban regeneration? 

Maybe you need a custom and tailor made experience for your Crew.

You can always be supportive and send some Love to our association.

“This sounds like something I've been planning since ever”

So, what's next?

Organize a company retreat or a workation experience, do team building and engage your employees in certified sustainable experiences. One product, three advantages: on-the-job training, corporate welfare and Corporate Social Responsibility.

As an employee/manager, you can contact us  and we will come back to you with available options and prices.

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