Explore your art with us.

Join our community of Artists, Pioneers and Designers working from the most inspiring places on the planet.

Find the time and space to create and think about your art surrounded by nature and a thriving community of artists, digital nomads, locals, and explorers. Ours residencies are focused on the creative journey and co-design with public and private partners to allow you to expand your network so that you can design influential collaborations. 

We develops residency programs

In collaboration with identified and prescribing institutions, which support emerging talents of the international artistic scene.

The no profit association

Inesto aps is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting international contemporary artists working in art, music, film, literature, fashion and other creative disciplines and fostering opportunities for multi-disciplinary dialogue. 

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A mindset of exchange and collaboration

The element of collaboration and exchange is one of the founding principles of our association, with the hope that by bringing together different areas of practice, we will generate new creative outlooks, unparalleled research and exciting new impulses. 

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Coliving Remote Experience

The artist residency co-exists with our Coliving experiences and with our network of partners. The resident artists will become part of the community life of the place and are welcomed to participate in all our activities, with a particular focus in the exchange of competences, the networking and the promotions of real cultural integration with the local community as well with the professionists who participate in our experiences. 

Turning words into concrete actions.

Each residency is hosted with our coliving experiences, for promoting networking, exchanges and get in real touch with the local community.





Whether you’re launching a new idea to share your passion with the world, or maybe you’re taking your business to the next level.

Do you want to be more involved?

From our side, we will invest 5% of our profit into our project but we are looking for like-minded minds and organizations that share the same value for co-create and supporting our vision. 

If you what to be more involved let’s have a look and contact us!