Italy·March 5 - 18 2023

Rural Coliving Village - Sicily Chapter

Coffee breaks with Granita are better in Sicily. Come work remotely with us, because nothing beats a Sicilian lunch break with new friends.



Live la dolce vita - come work remotely in Sicily! Your commute to work? Olive trees fields promenades. After-work plans? Walks to ancient amphitheaters. Your weekend hang? The sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Experience it all with our community of fellow remote explorers. Bring your job (and your appetite), and we’ll handle the rest! Join one of our villages and be ready to meet your new family, we are creating villages coliving all around Sicily, you will be surrounded by artists with our creative residency program, grandmothers ready to share their secrets recipes, adventurous hiking, and a mix between villeggiatura style life and vibrant communities ready to sparkle. We provided for each of our experiences a community-facilitator and we encourage you to be part of the life of the village with your expertise and passions, we need you to create a new hub of digital nomads in always sunny Sicily!

What's Included

What's Included

Welcome and orientation

Room in accommodations, typically apartment-style

Community Facilitator & local team

Positive impact experiences

Community programming

Personal and professional workshops

Tour of the neighborhood with our team

Local community exchange

Professional and lifestyle networking

Weekly social eating with locals

Farewell experience

Inesto’s membership

Flights to and from your destination

Transportation to the airport after your trip

Any necessary visas, vaccinations, COVID tests , or medical costs

Travel & medical insurance


Additional local experiences, side trips, and amenities available for purchase on our Marketplace

Private apartments available at an additional cost after booking

Trip Tips

Get lost in Art!

Get lost in Art!

Discover the many land art installations around the island.

Climb the Volcano

Climb the Volcano

Ohhh you can do so many different hiking around Etna!

Explore Caves and Canyons

Explore Caves and Canyons

Did you know there are ancient villages there?

Learn how to cook (and eat)

Learn how to cook (and eat)

With local grandmothers or fancy new generation chefs


In our spaces, everyone helps to cook dinners and we turn. You cook one day with another person, then someone else cooks dinners for you during the whole week. Our team can help and facilitate communication and the organization but you’ll learn to self-manage and share community duty, everything is optional and of course, you can cook for yourself but we’ll encourage everyone to step into a family and community style. If you really don’t like to cook you can always set the table or help with the dishes at the end.

There are common kitchens and indoor and outdoor dining spaces.

There are several bars and restaurants in the village where you can do your break in real sicilian style, breakfast with Granita and Tuppo, Aranicini and fresh orange juice.

We organize groceries shopping and then we split food costs at the end of your stay. It usually costs from 8€-12€/day for 4 daily meals, including drinks and desserts.

You can always add to the list your personal preferences.

You will spend less money on the food than in any European city as you only pay for your part of the ingredients.

There are always vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters in the group, so don't worry about the variety of the meals. Everyone enjoys their diet.

One time per week we will gather all together with the participants, the local community, and the village to host a meal. We’ll cook and share recipes, you can finally bring your grandmother's secret one and cook it with one of our grandmas. Trust us, it is not complicated, everyone can bring something and we’ll eat and play music and have fun.

We are settled in a Sicilian village, our homes are made of stone and big spaces indoors are not so common. We are opening a coworking space, together with the local public administration, but you can also find plenty of outdoor and small locations so you can be more focused on your work.

Every participant will be required around 5 hours per week of exchange of skills and competencies, with this time we’ll organize workshops for the community ( both local and us) or help the locals in improving their life and business. Can be literally anything, you can bring your SMM skills and set up a campaign for the local restaurant, build an Instagram page, or help with countability. But you can also help around the garden, give food to the animals or teach your languages to the kids or give finally the woodwork lesson!

We’ll map the needs and desires of the village and your skills and inclinations, so you’ll be part of the co-creation of this experience.

If you are too busy with your work you can always choose between our options during the booking.

With the membership you’ll have access to discounts of our experiences, international opportunities and to support the Creative Residency program and our work in social innovation. It’s an annual card to have 100% access to our community!

The entire cost of an Inesto experience is broken up into a deposit payment. Inesto’s fee and program fee. Your deposit payment is due before the start of your program, and your program fee is due before your program for Retreats and  Remote Experiences.

Deposit Payment

Depending on your program, your down payment is broken up into 1-3 installments. Your initial down payment is made to officially reserve your spot on our programs. The deposit payment affords us the confidence to begin booking all of your arrangements on your behalf. The full down payment is made at the initial booking for Retreats and Experiences. The deposit and the Inesto fees are not refundable but in case you’ll not able to join us on the date you'll plan we’ll convert all the deposits into credit for another of our solutions.

Rural Coliving Village - Sicily Chapter

Italy· March 5 - 18 2023· 13 nights


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