France·May 27 - June 7 2024

ROOTS Coliving

A new chapter of our Networking for Changemakers in a French countryside ecovillage where remote work meets regenerative living



Escape the mundane and redefine your remote lifestyle at our unique co-living retreat in an eco-village tucked away in the picturesque Ardèche region of France. More than just a remote work experience, this transformative journey immerses you in a thriving community pioneering regenerative practices. Unwind in modern, handcrafted accommodations crafted from natural materials, and tap into a pace of life anchored in nature's rhythms. From permaculture gardens to circular economic systems, this vibrant eco-village models innovative approaches to sustainable living that you'll have a rare chance to experience firsthand. Whether you're craving a profound reset or seeking to merge your digital workstyle with more purposeful living, this intimate residency fosters personal growth, creative renewal, and lasting connections. Join kindred nomads in co-creating a prototype for the remote work commune of the future.


Regenerative Living Immersion

Regenerative Living Immersion

Dive into the rhythms and practices of an eco-village pioneering circular, localized systems for food, shelter, energy, and more. Experience firsthand how integrated human/nature dynamics can revitalize rural communities

Community Placemaking Workshops

Community Placemaking Workshops

Go beyond theoretical lessons by rolling up your sleeves for hands-on workshops in permaculture design, natural building with earth and living materials, traditional craftwork, and more led by the eco-villagers themselves

Off-Grid Skills Lab

Off-Grid Skills Lab

From cultivating no-waste cooking to land stewardship, from foraging wild edibles to low-impact technologies - gain an experiential education in skills and mindsets for treading lightly on the earth

Nomad/Local Cultural Immersion

Nomad/Local Cultural Immersion

Build transformative connections by deeply interweaving with the eco-village's own tight-knit community. Participate in multigenerational activities, communal living, and cross-pollination of global/local perspectives

Ardèche Microadventures

Ardèche Microadventures

Venture out to explore the stunning regional landscapes - from rugged gorges and lush vineyards to medieval villages and chestnut forests. Discover how rural regeneration efforts are redefining Ardèche's identity

Wellness in Nature Refuge

Wellness in Nature Refuge

Unwind in sacred resonance with surrounding nature through wellness practices like yoga, forest bathing, creek-side meditation sessions, and more. Replenish your mind and reconnect with your truest self


Inesto is a social enterprise based in Italy that organizes experiential learning programs around the world. Our mission is to cultivate global citizenship through intercultural exchange and community-driven initiatives. This pop-up coliving experience in France will be led by:



Founder of Gräin & Sens - An Ardèche native and visionary change-maker who has spearheaded the creation of this eco-village and its regenerative systems from the ground up. A true Storyteller who blends age-old wisdom, and innovative solutions in a always-catching adventure.



Inesto's very own Swiss Army knife - photographer, videographer, community catalyst, and all-around modern Renaissance man. Stefano brings a contagious creative energy and the ability to connect with fellow nomads.



founder of Inesto, brings a wealth of experience in social impact to the community. Her passion for creating connections with nature is evident in Inesto's philosophy. Despite her impressive background, Paola's warmth makes everyone feel welcome 



A sample weekly schedule showing a balanced mix of:



What's Included

What's Included

2 weeks accommodation in an eco-village eco-lodge

Tea and coffee breaks

Good internet connection

Immersive eco-village workshops and hands-on activities

Transformative sessions on regenerative living and placemaking

Shared co-working spaces and self-facilitated mastermind groups

Wellness amenities (yoga, meditation spaces, hiking trails, etc.)

An intimate community of inspiring nomads and village residents

Lasting memories and a renewed sense of connection



Guided excursions to explore Ardèche's regional attractions


Bed in shared accommodation

Bed in shared accommodation


Reconnect with the earth, reconnect with yourself

Experience regenerative living in a thriving eco-village

Grain & Sens is a bilingual eco-community born from the shared passion to discover a more harmonious way of living with nature and each other. This village embodies a philosophy of mutual care - tenderly nurturing the earth that nourishes them in return. 

More than just a place, G&S is a living, evolving expression of human potential to create regenerative societies in balance with the natural world. It serves as a vibrant laboratory prototyping solutions for ecological, social, and economic renewal in this rural territory.  

By immersing yourself in this community, you'll experience firsthand what an integrated model for sustainable living can look and feel like.

Reconnect with the earth, reconnect with yourself



Thanks to Inesto and its team for creating this kind of spaces and experiences and helping us to grow as changemakers. We would also like to thank them for their hospitality and for creating such a magical environment in a spectacular rural setting.



You strengthened my faith in the power of love, kindness and human cooperation for healing our world. I’m so grateful to Inesto for all the efforts you have put into this training, it’s inspiring your devotion to your project, your strong values and kindness, your example of teamwork as a group of such diverse, loving, passionate and authentic people!



The Ideal environment together with the ideal people was soil for unleashing unlimited love, care, kindness and creativity we needed to embrace today's society difficulties and create solutions to tackle the challenges rural areas are facing today. Absolutely GORGEOUS!


You'll Be Staying Here

Le Grand Tilleul

Le Grand Tilleul

Tucked into the forested hills of the Ardèche region, the historic stone buildings of Gräin & Sens have been lovingly restored as an eco-village sanctuary. Le Grand Tilleul serves as the village's main accommodation - a charming eco-lodge crafted with natural materials and stunning craftsmanship. 

This spacious 4-bedroom gîte offers a warm, light-filled respite surrounded by nature. Relax in the cozy living room warmed by a wood-burning fireplace, enjoy meals together in the rustic dining area, or bask in the panoramic Alpine views from the large wooden deck.

Le Grand Tilleul's bedrooms are simply yet beautifully appointed with eco-craft touches like mosaic-tiled bathrooms. Children will delight in the upstairs play lounge and outdoor areas with a sandbox, trampoline, and other recreational spaces nestled amongst the trees.

The eco-village itself is a pioneering example of regenerative living in action. Strolling the winding paths, you'll encounter permaculture gardens, heritage vineyards, a traditional wood-fired bakehouse, and grazing livestock integrated through thoughtful land stewardship. This holistic model prioritizes circular resource flows and community self-sufficiency.


For cancellations made before April 30th, a 50% refund of the total amount will be provided, minus a non-refundable 20% service fee.

For cancellations made on or after May 01th, the payment is non-refundable.

With your booking, you'll automatically receive a 2024 membership with Inesto, our nonprofit social enterprise. Benefits include tailored discounts, events and projects access. 

Your participation sustains our work fostering positive social change in communities worldwide. As a member, you become part of our vision and can get more involved to enjoy experiences and sustain Inesto's impact in the year ahead. 

Thank you for your support - it enables our efforts to thrive.

We intentionally keep the experience intimate with a maximum of 12 participants. This allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the eco-village rhythms and build a real sense of community.

Not at all! We provide beginner-friendly introductions to topics like permaculture, natural building, circular systems, and more. The hands-on workshops and programming are designed as accessible introductions. We welcome curious learners of all backgrounds.

The schedule blends dedicated co-working hours with immersive activities. Our eco-village workspaces have reliable WiFi for productive sessions while allowing disconnection when needed.

Reliable wifi and dedicated coworking spaces with all needed amenities allow for productive remote work. However, the natural setting promotes regular digital detox breaks and adventure as well.

While tailoring each residency, we balance dedicated coworking periods with hands-on activities, workshops, visits, wellness practices, and community events. You'll have ample immersive experiences while still meeting your remote work needs.

We do not provide airport transfers but can assist in booking reliable drivers at reasonable rates. Or help participants in organizing carpooling. The closest village is a 20-minute walk away. A car will be available for grocery assistance. 

We provide snacks like tea, coffee, infusions, fruits for breaks. Meals are not included, but you're welcome to use the fully-equipped kitchen or organize group meals. Upon request, we can also arrange homemade vegan dinners featuring local specialties with the eco-village community.

The eco-village has a community kitchen sourcing organic ingredients from its gardens and local producers. Everyone is welcome to join in collectively preparing meals if desired.

All rooms include linens, towels, soap, shampoo and free WiFi. Le Grand Tilleul offers ample shared spaces, weekly cleaning service and use of outdoor common areas.

The beautifully restored four-person bedrooms Grand Tilleul gîte serve as our primary accommodation in a shared setting. We have Le Grand Tilleul Gîte available just for our group, with each room accommodating 2-4 guests in a hostel-style setup with shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen.

Private room options may be available for additional costs based on availability.

The experience is designed to be bilingual and accessible to English speakers, G&S community also is English and French-speaking. That said, having basic French will allow you to more fully integrate with the local community.

Depending on the residency and the group preference, you may experience permaculture gardening, plant foraging, natural building, bread-making in a wood-fired oven, Playfights and storytelling sessions, Photography and art workshops, placemaking and impact talks and group sessions, and more.

The nearest major airport is Marseille Provence or Lyon Airport, approximately a 2-hour drive away.

Trains and carpooling options are our favourite We can provide detailed ground transportation recommendations for your itinerary.   

Option 1: Public Transportation

Take the train to Valence.

Transfer to the bus at the Valence bus station, which is located next to the SNCF train station.

Ask the bus driver for the direction to Vernoux and get off at the Boffres stop.

Grains & Sens will pick you up from the bus stop if you call them in advance.

Option 2: Driving

From Valence:

Take the N 533 road towards Le Puy until you reach Alboussière (20 km).

Turn onto the D 219 road towards Vernoux and continue until you reach Boffres (7 km).

At the exit of the village, take the D 332 road towards Grozon and follow the signs for "Lavenant".

From Lamastre:

Take the D533 road towards Valence.

After 11 km, in the village of Grozon, turn right onto the D268 road towards Boffres.

After 2.5 km, continue straight on the D332 road, still towards Boffres.

Continue for 1.8 km and at the crossroads, before entering the forest, turn left (there is a wooden sign indicating "Marelles").

Continue for 500 m and at the goat farm, turn right and go all the way down to the parking lot.

We recommend packing eco-friendly toiletries, a reusable water bottle, sturdy shoes for outdoor activities, layers for changing mountain weather, and an open-minded spirit of adventure! Let us know if you need any other specific suggestions.

ROOTS Coliving

France· May 27 - June 7 2024· 11 nights


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