Greece·September 1 - 5 2022

Healing Vision

Art and yoga retreat - sacred geometry and visionary painting



The idea of ​​Healing Vision came naturally as a Re-Treat idea after taking into consideration the pressure we all went through during this challenging time around the world. We look forward to taking the time to feed our body, spirit, and soul without any big demands, tight schedules, or high expectations from ourselves.


The workshops

The workshops

This workshop is a great leap towards the visions that populate our unconscious, explore them through movement and mediation, and relax in a serene place with wonderful cuisine immersed in the lush and vibrant nature. We will find ourselves in a remote village, where the wind will mark the hours to be able to devote ourselves to visionary painting and ancestral practices of meditation and yoga. Four days to breathe the sea breeze again and find the space to explore your dreams and to be able to interpret and paint them.

What to do

What to do

We will start our days with sweet Yoga for all levels and we will send them with meditation sessions, we promise you a regenerating Re-Treat for your body and your soul! During the days there will be practical and theoretical painting lessons, where you can learn techniques and put them into practice letting ourselves go to the creative flow, always accompanied by Gaya and the whole team.

Digital detox

Digital detox

To make the Digital Detox experience more authentic and profitable, the staff will be available to keep the participants' digital tools for the duration of the stay. In any case, it is possible to agree with the staff for special needs regarding the use of digital devices.




Gaia dedicates her life to art in general and visionary art; for her, this is the way to represent the spiritual level, the vibrations as a structure of the universe and share the message of pure love, what the vision teaches, what the matter hides, what our 5 senses cannot feel, the search for truth. He studied the main painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, at the Roman School of Comics, and digital painting at the Accademia del Genio in Rome.

Gaia began experimenting with the art of vision with out-of-body experiences, lucid dream analysis, astral travel, various meditation techniques including Buddhism, yoga, Merkaba meditation, the study of quantum physics and other writings, medicinal plants, ceremonies, and ancestral rituals.

In the works, we perceive the personal mission of the artist to favor the intent in a collective evolution on a social and spiritual level, an awakening of the consciousness of the masses, an opening of the heart in the individual.






Soul food

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the retreat. You will be nourished by food carefully prepared by our private chefs offering sumptuous vegetarian meals from our garden or local farmers every day.

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and other special diets can be accommodated upon request.

In addition to our included meals, the café is open daily and serves light meals and drinks. Tea and filtered water are available all day.



The course materials at your disposal are an easel, colors, various brushes, sketch pads, and a 30x30cm canvas.

We recommend that you start with a canvas of this size which we will provide at the beginning of the course.

It will be a suitable size for the duration of the experience.

If you do not have to finish the painting you will have all the information to conclude it for you


If you feel you can give more you can bring a larger canvas.

If you have a tripod you can take it with you, but don't worry because we can provide you with one.



Every day we will start the day with a yoga session and we will work on painting techniques with both a little theory and a lot of practice, to find your inspiration you will have the opportunity to explore your unconscious through activities in Nature and guided meditation sessions.


Day 1

12.00 - Meeting and Presentation of the Course

13.00 - Lunch

2.30 pm - Introduction to sacred geometry, practical construction

4 pm- Method for Elements of Anatomy, references

5.30 pm - Introduction to the Central and Accidental Perspective

7pm - guided meditation session

8pm - Dinner

9.30 pm - sharing circle and evening pampering



Day 2

9 am - Yoga and stretching by the painter

10 am - Beginning of the preparatory sketches and study of the elements

11 am - Method for Composition, Laws of Harmony

13.00 - Lunch

2.30 pm - Final sketch

3pm - Beginning of the Canvas

4 pm- First Paintings

18.30 - Walk on the beach listening to nature

8pm - Dinner

9.30 pm - sharing circle and evening pampering



Day 3

9 am - Yoga and stretching by the painter

10 am - Beginning of the preparatory sketches and study of the elements

11 am - Second Backgrounds

13.00 - Lunch

2.30 pm - Work on Canvas

18.30 - Walk on the beach listening to nature

8pm - Dinner

9.30 pm - sharing circle and evening pampering



Day 4

9 am - Yoga and stretching by the painter

10 am - Chromatic Circle and study of color

11 am - Theory of Light

13.00 - Lunch

2.30 pm - Glazing painting

17.00 - Greetings

* in case of bad weather we will be able to use the interior spaces where two different activities will be proposed.

** Activities may be subject to changes.

What's Included

What's Included

Comfortable Accommodation

Soul Meals

Wellness Workshop

visualization meditation

design workshop

Program Facilitator






Between olive groves and salt breeze

A permaculture and community project

We will be hosted in the remote village of Nea Sermili, one hour from Thessaloniki and we will be immersed in a garden surrounded by olive groves a stone's throw from the sea

We will have at our disposal two apartments surrounded by nature, where we can find ourselves painting and practicing yoga. Around us an evolving permaculture project

Double rooms and rooms for a small group, up to 4 people are available, single rooms upon request.

Between olive groves and salt breeze
Healing Vision

Greece· September 1 - 5 2022· 4 nights